Year End Wardrobe Detox

Brace yourselves people. The end of the year is less than 7 weeks away! As we prep for the new year, we have a whole bunch of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year parties to survive so here's a little tip on how to enter the brand new year on a clean slate and a fully-utilized wardrobe. One word, two syllables and a whole lotta relief when you're done! DETOX!

From now till 31 December, do this:

Flip all your hangers around like the clothing on the left-hand side. Once you use it, place the hanger the right way and by 31 Dec 2013, anything that is hanging the wrong way has to go into the 'MAYBE IT HAS TO GO, NOW!' pile. If it's your wedding dress, keep it. You get to keep 2, okay maybe 3 sentimental pieces but the rest have to go. There are 48 days till the end of the year and if you've done your best and worn all 48 different items just to 'save' them, good on ya, some colleagues may think that you shop at the Salvation Army because of those ill-fitting jeans but hey, you're using everything that is at your disposal and once you realise you look silly in that dress you wore to a wedding 7 years ago, you'll know that it's time to move on.

Try it and you'll be entering the New Year with a cleansed wardrobe and a lighter heart because you're not bogged down by why the closet door won't shut properly or why when your dog walks into your walk-in wardrobe it gets trapped in there.

HAPPY DETOXING! And yes, because of all the festive feasting, don't forget to exercise, hydrate and get a little massage to keep your body healthy.

Love + Light

L A R K & P E O N Y




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