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Best friends make our hearts sing, they make each day more wonderful, and they’re always a delight to have around. Having a best friend sure is a joy, and definitely a cause for celebration.

Lark and Peony wants to share your joy, and so in celebration of your friendship, we are giving away not one, but TWO cheongsams to a pair of girlfriends who impress us most with the story of your friendship. 

Here’s what we’d like to know from you – how did you girls meet, and why your friendship is so special or important to you.

Entries can be in any format – a story, a captioned picture, a comic strip, a simple list telling us why your best friend is so awesome, or even a video. We're open to anything, so surprise us!

To enter, send your entry to junie@larkandpeony.com. Be sure to like our Facebook page and share the best friend giveaway post on your Facebook wall. We anticipate tons of stories coming in, so let us know by commenting “Lark and Peony Best Friend Campaign – liked, shared, and submitted” on our giveaway post after you’ve done the above so that we don’t miss out on your entry!

Closing date for the giveaway is 31 July 2014, at midnight.

Remember, your best friend can be anyone that you love sharing your life with. It could be your soul mate, your childhood friend, the girl you met in the queue yesterday, your cousin, or even your mother!

We absolutely can’t wait to hear your best friend stories – get creative, and get sending! 



The Lark and Peony team

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