BFF Giveaway results

Dear customers,

It's a new year, and certainly a very exciting one for us. We've been rolling out new designs, we've got even bigger and better plans for the store this year, and we've even expanded the Lark and Peony team!

We hope your year has kicked off to a great start too ;)

Last year, we held a special Lark and Peony Best Friend Giveaway for old and new customers to send us something to tell us about their friendship with their best friends. We were so overwhelmed by the amount of touching entries that were sent in for the BFF Giveaway. Rest assured, we read every single one of them, and are blown away by how sweet all of the entries were – they sure gave us a hard time trying to choose just one winner!

We eventually picked our pair of BFFs, and we’d like to congratulate Junie (yes, she has the same name as our designer!) and her best friend Veronica for winning a cheongsam each. Here is Junie’s creative entry; an adorable infographic on their friendship through the years.


And here is her accompanying message:

The lucky best friend Veronica wore our dress for her wedding, and she looked absolutely stunning in it! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day, Veronica. We are so honoured!

Veronica is wearing the #fall4vintage in Tsubaki Red.

We're extremely grateful for all the responses that we've received for the BFF Giveaway, and we can't wait to organise more of such contests in future. Thank you ladies, for sharing your stories and giving us such a delightful experience.

Do you have any suggestions for more contests in future? Let us know by commenting!

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