Summer Refresher

The sweltering heat in Singapore has left us parched for ideas to make re-hydrating a joy. Plain old water doesn't cut it anymore and a slice of lemon in our water jugs have been done to no end. We found two simple herbs that add so much zing that we just had to share it with you so that you stay hydrated and healthy through these warmer months.

ROSEMARY - Pop one or two washed sprigs of rosemary into a bottle of water and let it chill in the fridge. Apparently it has a whole list of benefits and some holistic experts believe it helps fight depression. Hydrate happily why don't you?

KAFFIR LIME LEAVES - This zesty scented leaf is used in so many South East Asian dishes. Take 2-3 leaves and use the back of a knife and carefully bruise the leaves so that it releases its amazing fragrance. Add it to chilled water and enjoy.

Stay cool this summer and enjoy the flavoured water, don't be afraid to experiment and let us know if you stumble upon a gem of a concoction!


L A R K & P E O N Y


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cut strawberries , these add a hint of sweetness !


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