The Art of Flight

This dress pays homage to my favourite snowboarding film. Here's a peek into my personal collection (Read: Not for sale... ... yet). The traditionalists will be rolling their eyeballs at this piece but it's a personal favourite. Instead of using the same old fabric to create cheongsams, this was made using fabric for a boy's room. It's comfortable, breathable and most importantly, it screams FUN! There were choices of army green or black but blue was chosen because it made some of the parachutes look like clouds. Fluffy little shades of blue!

Your cheongsam should say something about you and to me, this one says 'I love being up in the air and the thrills that come with flying. Every time I wear this, people talk to me, the ladies stare in disbelief and I'm just grinning to myself because I know for a fact no one else has the same dress. I wouldn't even mind if they did! I'd buy them a coffee, ask if we can take a photo and upload it onto FaceBook! You have to roll with the punches, make the best of every situation and laugh it off.

I hope you're inspired now to think out of the box and give us some suggestions for 2013. We are listening closely to what you would like to see incorporated into our designs for 2013. Click on the banner below to find out more!



L A R K  &  P E O N Y


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Thanks Jenny! We love colour blocking as well and we can’t wait to use them in our upcoming releases. Head on over to Facebook (link below) and put in your suggestion in the comment box and stand a chance to win a voucher!

L A R K & P E O N Y

L A R K & P E O N Y

Would love to see color blocks design incorporated into the cheongsam. Those with A-line design are pretty perhaps can have designs using different types of pleats for variation.

Jenny Lim

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