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The Cheongsam - Fit or Flare?

It is a well-known fact that the Cheongsam has played a meaningful role throughout Chinese history. In fact, during the 1950s, the Cheongsam was even considered a symbol of resistance in Hong Kong towards the changes taking place in the Mainland. Fast forward a few decades to the 1990s – mention the word Cheongsam, and most people would imagine a traditional one-piece dress with a tight bodice, very likely in a vivid, blinding shade of red, rigid and stiff. Indeed, the Cheongsam has always been and still is associated with formality, and as the oriental ensemble reserved only for special ceremonial occasions. Today, while the Cheongsam no longer plays such an active role in politics, or come in only loud...

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Different Occasion, Different Looks

  You have a wedding to attend, a Shanghai Night themed D&D or your engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot and you don't want to buy a fancy cheongsam just for one event and barely wear it till the next event. Or are you sporting that same party frock over and over and your friends are wondering if you have anything else in your cupboard that's not a little black dress. Fret not, we've thought about it too and our bursting wardrobes have been nudging us to do all the cheongsam-loving ladies with a crazy social calendar a favour. This Fall, we will be test-driving our Cheongsams-for-Rent idea. An upcoming collection that will be mostly for rental, this collection consists of...

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Lunar New Year Collection

We know you've been waiting a while and we apologize for the delay. Here's a sneak peek at what we have in store for the first Lunar New Year Collection for 2013. This piece below is by far our favourite! Green for the Chinese New Year? Yes, we'd like to think of green as growth and it reminds us of the ever resilient and flexible Bamboo plant. Can't wait to show you the rest soon! Stay tuned or sign up as a registered customer to know when we'll be launching the different pieces. Yes, you get first dibs! In Love + Light, L A R K  &  P E O N Y

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