With lean quantities, we often have customers who are disappointed when items in their cart goes missing while browsing. Here are a few tips on how to purchase online swiftly to ensure you get the item you want.
    1. Sign up for a customer account and note your username and password.
    2. Log in and browse until the item you're waiting for has been launched.
    3. Place the item you desire the most into your cart and CHECKOUT IMMEDIATELY. Our system works in a way that even if we have only ONE item, 100 customers can place it in their carts at the same time and the person who gets it is the one who checks out first. *Even if it's in your cart doesn't guarantee it is yours. Example: Customer A and Customer B have same last piece X dress in their cart. Customer B checks out first. Customer B gets the dress. Customer A finds her item missing when she tries to check out.
    4. If you want more than one item, it's best to prioritise which item you want first and check that item out before going for the next one because in the time you add the second item to the cart, someone could have checked out the first item leaving you with your second choice.
    5. Payment via Bank Transfer / Local ATM should be made within 24 hours of the purchase before we reinstate the selected product online. Lark and Peony reserves the right to cancel order if payment is not made promptly.
    6. Order will only be processed AFTER payment is made.
    7. If you did not get your desired piece, don't worry as there may be exchanges or returns within the week. Some ladies purchase the wrong size or wrong colour so do keep checking our website for stock updates. Or drop us and email ( or fill out our waitlist form to be placed on the waiting list (don't forget to indicate your size!).