The Perfect Red Pout

The year of the Snake is slipping and sliding away as we type and the Lunar New Year is almost upon us. A pretty wardrobe makes us feel like a million bucks but what makes us feel like trillionaires here at Lark and Peony is the classic red lip. We've invited Janice from Haute Makeup to put together a step-by-step instructional post on how to achieve the perfect pout. Enjoy!

  1. Prep your lips! Make sure you’ve scrubbed off any dead skin on the surface and moisturize it generously with lip balm.
  2. Using a red lip pencil, start marking out the outline of your lips. I find a cross in the middle helps define the cupids bow equally.
  3. Join up all the marker points. Note that the lip liner doesn’t have to be exactly the same colour as your lipstick, just something close will be fine.
  4. Smudge the liner inwards, softening the line. You can use a lip brush or just your fingers.
  5. Pick out your favourite red lipstick and fill in the lips with a lip brush. Cool skin girls can take blue under toned reds. Warm skin girls, try yellow based reds. Dark skin girls can go for deep dark reds.  
  6. Using a flat definer or concealer brush, dip it in some concealer or foundation and clean up your lip line giving it a crisp clean finish.
  7.  Top it off with some gloss for that 3D effect!
  8.  And just for the holiday season, why not dab on some gold glitter?


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