Modern Cheongsams by Lark and Peony

Inspired by the Slow Fashion revolution, we create small-batch designs that revolve around our interpretation of the modern Asian style, bolstered by our endless worldwide quest for unique fabric and our recent in-house production of our own fabric.

Each design is conceptualized and created for the modern woman. Slowly but steadily reviving the nostalgic love of Cheongsam and Heritage Wear among contemporary dressers by weaving modernity, comfort and sensibility into every piece we create with experienced hands.

Lark and Peony is available only online. The occasional Trunk Shows held 4-5 times a year allow new customers to try different cuttings and styles. Pieces are crafted in small quantities to preserve the artfulness and exclusivity of each design.

If you have questions or you'd like to have a chat with us, please drop us an email at or check out our Facebook page here and leave us a message.