The Cheongsam - Fit or Flare?

It is a well-known fact that the Cheongsam has played a meaningful role throughout Chinese history. In fact, during the 1950s, the Cheongsam was even considered a symbol of resistance in Hong Kong towards the changes taking place in the Mainland.

Fast forward a few decades to the 1990s – mention the word Cheongsam, and most people would imagine a traditional one-piece dress with a tight bodice, very likely in a vivid, blinding shade of red, rigid and stiff. Indeed, the Cheongsam has always been and still is associated with formality, and as the oriental ensemble reserved only for special ceremonial occasions.

Today, while the Cheongsam no longer plays such an active role in politics, or come in only loud colours, it still remains a go-to attire for Chinese occasions, a symbol of all things oriental. 

A garment with such an illustrious history certainly deserves commemoration, and Lark and Peony celebrates this classic dress in all our designs, but with a twist. We marry the lingering influences of dreamy Old Shanghai grandeur with the contemporary needs and styles of today, and incorporate the comforts of the modern dress, in every piece.

So here's something we'd like to know about your taste for Cheongsams - which has been your favourite piece amongst all our designs? Are you a fan of the stuructured Hsi Shih, or the breezy Yokihi? Let us know!

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