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Peixian, or MsGlitzy as she is known on her blog, is your ultimate go-to gal for the best food, fashion, and fun in town. This vibrant lady sure is energetic - she travels, practices yoga, blogs, attends fashion shows, and even organises charity events. Did we mention that she manages all that on top of her career in finance? We share a lovely afternoon over ginger ale and truffle fries to dig into the glitzy side of her – and it sure wasn’t hard.

Describe a day in the life of Msglitzy

I work from 9-6, and after work I attend event launches or media parties. I try to attend events twice a week at most so that I also get some personal time. Other days, I meet up with friends for drinks then head home for a good rest.

Tell us about your personal style             

Corporate chic. I’m not so much into looking edgy, I prefer feminine and classy since I dress for work as well. Occasionally I splurge on dresses or certain clothes that I wear over and over again, especially if they are classic pieces, or of a flattering design. Because I’m tall, I used to avoid wearing heels. It was only when a colleague pointed out how much better I’d look with heels in corporate settings that I started experimenting with them. I wear heels more often now, but they're not too high. They’re comfortable, and perfect for giving me that extra confidence boost!

And your ultimate go-to outfit?

A well-fitted dress, for both the weekdays and weekends. It’s so easy to pull on, no thinking, just grab and go. I’m all for the little ways to make getting dressed in the mornings easier.

Many travellers say that the more they travel, the more they want to see. What’s next on your destination bucket list?

Russia, South America, South Africa, and the Nordics are all places I’d love to explore. My next vacation would probably be a skiing trip at the end of the year, either to Hokkaido or Europe. Junie’s skiing pictures got me really excited!

*Junie is the owner and designer of Lark and Peony

What are some of the best dining experiences you’ve had on your trips?

I’ve had so much good food from everywhere, from street stalls to local eateries to celebrity restaurants. It’s too hard to choose! Molecular Gastronomy is pretty interesting – I first tried it in US, and then again in Hong Kong. 

Any travel tips you’ve picked up along the way?

If you’re travelling to the base country of an online store, order your items in advance and have it delivered to your hotel. It’s so convenient to have your parcel waiting for you, and you save on shipping.

Taking a line from the Msglitzy jingle, what do you think is the one accessory for the everyday girl to transform her outfit into an “ooh la la” one?

Definitely statement necklaces. If two girls put on the same dress, I think the one with a statement necklace easily stands out. It’s also way easier to accessorise with a necklace than a pair of statement shoes.


How did you first get into blogging?

That was 2009, and I was bored. I was already following a few blogs at that time, and I realised that it’s really something I could do too. I love blogging, but I later learnt that it’s not as easy as I thought it was to juggle blogging, my job, and my daily life.

So where do you find the energy to juggle work and personal life?

Yoga. It's great for de-stressing and calms me. I also got to know my body a lot better through yoga. I see myself improving gradually, and it's taught me a lot of life lessons.

3 things you can’t leave the house without?

My phone, wallet, and a positive mind :)

Current must-have beauty product?

Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. It has a lot of purposes, and for me it’s especially great on the lips.

How has your blogging changed since you first started?

I used to write in third person – I still cringe when I read my older entries!

Where do you get your fashion inspirations?

I like Camille Co, she’s a Filipino blogger whose style ranges very widely from edgy to feminine so it’s really interesting. I also enjoy browsing Hong Kong-based Gary Pepper is always a good read, though sometimes her coordinates are a little unwearable as daily outfits.

Your blog hosts an impressive annual charity campaign – what sparked off your interest in charity involvement?

I used to do charity in school, so on my blog’s first anniversary in 2010, it felt natural to use my blog for a cause. At that time, blogs were mostly commercial and using it for charity wasn’t a common thing. Through charity, I’ve helped to spread awareness and connect with other bloggers. It’s not as impressive now, but looking back, it was really big at that time.

We know it’s hard, but if you had to point out only one thing that you are absolutely passionate about, what would it be?

I can’t! There are really so many things I love. But whatever it is I do, it’s important that it makes me feel fulfilled and happy. Travel, fashion, blogging, yoga, charity – I’m equally passionate about all of them.


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