Thoughts on Shorts

I went on a short snowboarding vacay to Niseko, Hokkaido early Feb and in my excitement, I forgot to pack pants/jeans for the freaky cold weather. All I had on were shorts and leggings underneath! For Hokkaido weather, that was not the wisest move but I survived and I grew to love my woollen shorts so much that we're thinking of doing tailored shorts to go with our cheongsam tops for 2013. Seeing that it's currently Summer Downunder and it's always sunny weather in South East Asia so you might like what we have to offer.

Let us know what you think and remember, always draw up a packing list for your holidays!

We've been a little quiet because we've been designing our little hearts out. All your suggestions and the amount of fabric we've stockpiled, you'd think there was an army of cheongsam hungry moths about to descend on the world and we're desperately trying to save all the gorgeous fabric in the world. New designs will come along in due time. In the meantime, where have all the voluptuous girls gone? Yes, those of you who pestered us for larger sizes and then disappeared! We have quite a few XLs left so if you are a big, bold and beautiful girl, step right up and we'll see what we can do for you. If not, let your friends know that we do XLs (but not for long if we don't get requests to keep the XLs in stock).

Love and Green Lights for you all the way,

L A R K  &  P E O N Y

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