The Arms Race

It's less than 2 weeks from the Chinese New Year celebrations and although most of our cheongsams are cut to fit you well, it's always a bonus to have sexy, svelte arms to show off. Please don't say it's too late, it's never too late if you start today! We may not all be blessed with skinny arms so we'll just work with what we have. Make a promise to yourself to do a 10 minute arm workout every morning and/or evening and you'll be feeling great because exercising releases a feel good hormone and once you get hooked on it, you may just decide to continue this new found ritual well into and after the festive season.

Remember, whether in a cheongsam, evening gown or wedding dress, what people usually notice are the arms and no, you really should not cover it up with a cardigan or shawl so here's a video from Fit Sugar that teaches you a simple 10 minute workout just for your arms. In less than 2 weeks you could have firmer and non-jello arms so start today. Go on, do us proud!



L A R K  & P E O N Y

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