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Momma's Day 2015

Celebrate mums this year by doing something creative and we'll reward the three best entries. For those of you who've met Aunty Janet, you'll know she's the resident momma at Lark and Peony. Dishing out life advice, telling us crazy stories from the past and making sure we're always well fed. This year, we want to honour mums like Aunty Janet and we wanna hear the stories behind the strength of these women. STEPS TO ENTER: Record and edit a short video of you and your mum, god-mum or grandmum, doing what the both of you do best. Tell us why Mum's the best! Post the short video on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #larkandpeonylovesmums Send the video (not...

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The Art of Flight

This dress pays homage to my favourite snowboarding film. Here's a peek into my personal collection (Read: Not for sale... ... yet). The traditionalists will be rolling their eyeballs at this piece but it's a personal favourite. Instead of using the same old fabric to create cheongsams, this was made using fabric for a boy's room. It's comfortable, breathable and most importantly, it screams FUN! There were choices of army green or black but blue was chosen because it made some of the parachutes look like clouds. Fluffy little shades of blue! Your cheongsam should say something about you and to me, this one says 'I love being up in the air and the thrills that come with flying. Every...

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