Lark and Peony came together through a kaleidoscope of dreams, trial and error, fear of failure, experimentation and finally an unquenchable thirst to create objects that would provoke happiness in individuals I had never met. I began my first foray into fashion before I left school. Those early days, no matter how unfocused they were, saw the beginnings of an unprocessed love for ethnic-inspired designs.

Living and studying in Melbourne nurtured my dreams further but I was eventually lulled into the seduction of a ‘proper job’. I never took the plunge until finally moving to Tokyo in January 2012. Japan opened my eyes to the world of design and subtle beauty and for that I am eternally grateful.

Since then our customer base has grown rapidly and along came the most wonderful emails I’ve ever received. Those beautiful messages encouraged me to keep on designing with eyes and heart wide open and my feet firmly planted to the ground. I've taken charge of my life and Lark and Peony paves the way for me to evolve into an empowered woman with big dreams of becoming worthy of the title #Girlboss

Today, we’ve come full-circle and I’m back where I truly belong. With the support of my small but incredible team, I focus mainly on design however my love of people and their life stories means that someday our paths will cross and it would be my honour to be able to listen to your story. 


Always at your service in Love and Light,



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